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Omega - Part Seven: Taken

Best Omega - Part Seven: Taken

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Product Description

Evan, Peter and Chad have found their groove, each of them happy, content and eager to spend the rest of their lives together.

Aiden won't stand for it.

(This instalment of Omega is 30,700 words. It features two scorchingly hot alphas, their sweet submissive omega, and a delusional alpha hell bent on breaking their relationship apart.)

This is the seventh part of a seven part series. The entire series is now complete and available as a bundled set here:

Evan presses his nose up against the glass, staring at the puppies inside the pet store with longing. He’s seen dogs before, but never a real life puppy. They’re so much cuter than he could have imagined. So fluffy!

“We’re not getting a dog,” Chad warns, coming to stand next to him. He looks amused, like Evan is the one being cute. How he can think that when there are puppies right in front of him, Evan has no idea.

“I know,” Evan says, knowing no such thing. “Can we go inside and pet them?”

Chad looks at his watch, then nods. “Sure, but just for a few minutes.”

Evan beams, pulling on Chad’s hand and practically dragging him into the store. When they get to the big puppy enclosure, Chad lifts him under the arms and drops him right in with the puppies. Evan sits down, a whole pack of adorable little puppies competing to get into his lap. He drops down on his back, the puppies licking and clambering all over him. He’s in heaven.

“Can I help you?” a salesperson comes up and asks Chad.

“No, we’re just looking,” Chad answers. The beta retreats, and Evan opens his eyes to look up at Chad. The alpha is holding his phone up, taking a picture. Evan grins, Chad looking huge from his position down here on the floor.

Sitting up, Evan gathers a particularly eager golden labrador puppy in his arms and lifts it up to give it a kiss on the nose. It yaps at him, licking his face happily, and Evan just about melts.

“Is it yours?” someone asks, and when Evan opens his eyes he sees an unfamiliar alpha standing next to Chad.

“Yes, he’s mine,” Chad says, voice tight.

“Lucky man, it’s a perfect specimen. Did you get it at the Pritchett Center?”

“No. We got him from Gordon’s,” Chad replies. Evan focuses on the puppy, the strange alpha making him feel uncomfortable. He’s got a scar running on the right side of his face, and he’s almost as big as Peter. The way he looks at Evan, like he’s a thing, makes him want to run and hide.

“Ah, I should have known. They do a great job,” the stranger says.

“We’ve been very satisfied.” Chad’s voice is tight, and Evan wonders why the strange alpha isn’t picking up on how annoyed Chad is.

“We?” the alpha asks, curious.

“My mate,” Chad says, voice clipped.

“Well, that explains it. You do seem a bit young for your own omega.”

Evan can practically hear Chad gritting his teeth.

“In case you ever tire of him, or just want something different, take my card,” the strange alpha says. Evan freezes, knowing that anyone who would buy a used omega is bad news. He pushes his face into the golden lab’s fur, breathing in the clean puppy scent. He wants the alpha to leave...

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #5208 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2015-05-23
  • Released on: 2015-05-23
  • Format: Kindle eBook


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